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Skin tight
My skin has always been very oily, which has contributed to large pores. Dayenne products have done more than any other range. I've found that my pores have shrunk and am happy to recommend them.
Skin saviour
I can truly say that Dayenne is a skin saviour. At 40, I was experiencing constant breakouts that won't go away. Nothing I tried to deal with them and clear my skin worked. Within 4 weeks of using these products, my skin has started to turn around. Today, I actually leave my house with absolutely no make-up on.
No more red, blotchy and irritated skin
Dayenne is the only product that I can clean and moisturise with, that doesn't leave my skin red, blotchy and irritated.
The answer to pre-menstrual breakouts
I used to get a breakout a few days prior to the commencement of my cycle. Having used the Dayenne mask 3 days on the trot has helped prevent breakouts.
Nothing is comparable
The Dayenne mask works well…Nothing else has worked like this.
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