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What a fantastic product!
I'm writing to thank Dayenne for giving me confidence back in my skin. Like all women, I too wanted blemish free skin without the need for excessive make up i.e. foundation.

Having Asian skin, spots and marks would still show even through the best foundation; however since discovering Dayenne over a year and a half ago I never had the need to use foundation again. In fact, as soon as I started seeing results all my foundation went in the bin.

I've tried everything from baby cream to tea tree products but to no avail, the last product I was using before Dayenne was the Liz Earle range. My skin was very dry yet very spotty and marked. Other products either left me with white dry patches or small dots under the eyes due to the ingredients.

When I ordered Dayenne for the first time I was excited because I am conscious of using natural products that do not contain any animal ingredients nor are tested on animals, so Dayenne really fitted in with what I wanted from a product.

Affordability is also important, however when a product works as well as Dayenne does you can't put a price on good skin. As a mother of 4 it's affordable as a little goes a long way and the soap just never ends, it's well worth it!

The whole regime used to take me no more than 15 minutes a day but now that my skin has improved I don't use the mask as often as I used to. I mainly use it during my monthly cycle or when I'm a bit run down.

I find the cover stick is great as a night treatment, when I wake up in the morning the swelling on the spot has gone down and you may think I'm crazy but I have even gone to bed with the mask on! When I've washed it off in the morning with a warm cloth my skin feels really soft and hydrated and spots reduced in size, my skin does not look dull either.

My teenage son has recently started using Dayenne. It wasn't hard persuading him to do so as the smell nor is the packaging girlie.

The cream is enough to hydate my skin yet it's not greasy, no more white dry patchy skin for me, even in this cold weather.

The bad point about Dayenne is that I did not discover it sooner due to the fact that not many people know about it.

I do feel very special and privileged finding such a fantastic product like Dayenne.

I apologise if I have bored you or sound cliché in what I've said. I enclose photos with this letter to enable you to see the results Dayenne has had on my skin. This may also help you to understand why I speak so highly of your product.

Thank you again.
The difference in one application
Using Dayenne products is a sensual experience of sheer indulgence. And they work! I am amazed with the difference in my skin texture in one application.
Food for the skin
Everytime I use the Dayenne Night cream, I feel as though I am not just moisturising my skin but nourishing it as well.
A boost in self confidence
My self confidence needed a boost and Dayenne cosmetics was just the thing. After trying these products, I know with certainty that there are no comparisons.
Squeaky clean
I always wanted to clean my face really clean but not dry. Now I can. Thank you very much.
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