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Amazed with the results
 “I have struggled with bad skin for 18 years. Saw magazine article and thought the products sounded good, but I was unsure as lots of previous products have made promises and have not lived up to it. Tried Dayenne and I was amazed with how much better my skin was with almost immediate results. Fantastic!!”
No more spots
 “Fantastic, no more big spots for me after 30 years of suffering with bad skin, I have found ‘Dayenne’ – Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Thrilled with the results
 “I am delighted to say that after 1 year of using the Dayenne range I have clear, healthy skin and suffering from spots is now just a distant memory!

I noticed a difference within 4 weeks and I can’t begin to say how grateful I am to Dayenne for clearing up my problem skin for good.

I’m 31 years old and have suffered from acne/problem skin since the age of 21. I have spent hundreds of pounds trying out new products that promised to clear problem skin and I was continually disappointed as I wasn’t getting the results I’d hoped for.

I can honestly say that using the Dayenne range has completely cured my acne. I use the products constantly to prevent my acne from returning. I only had to wait about 4 weeks before I could see visible results. The Dayenne regime is straightforward and easy to carry out. I like the fact that all the products are totally natural and not tested on animals. The smell is delightful and uplifting.

I have already got my sister hooked on Dayenne and I would not hesitate in recommending the range to anyone suffering from problem skin/acne. End the misery of problem skin and buy Dayenne range and you won’t look back as you’ll be absolutely thrilled with the results – I was and couldn’t be happier. There really is a product out there that actually does what it says it will do and that’s Dayenne. I thought I’d never find it but now my search has ended and I can now enjoy life without the misery of coping with problem skin. Thank you!”
I noticed an improvement almost immediately...
"I have suffered with acne to varying degrees since I was eleven or twelve, I am now nearly twenty nine. Over the years I have tried almost every treatment possible from over the counter creams to months of antibiotics, Nlite laser treatment, MD Formulations Glycolic Facial Peels and also Roaccutane. I have spent thousands hoping that the next treatment would work, at the time some of them did help but my acne would always come back once stopped. Last July I read about the Dayenne products in the Acne Support Group members magazine. I did not have much faith that they would work after so many disappointments in the past but I decided to give them a try. I noticed an improvement almost immediately, the face mask is brilliant and within a few short months my skin was better that it has been for years. I would recommend the product to everyone and another bonus is that they are also reasonably priced. "
Phenomenal Results
"I have been using Dayenne products for just under a year now. I was introduced to them last February by my beautician and the results have been phenomenal, absolutely amazing! I have had acne most of my adult life and have tried everything. The only other thing that seemed to control it was the hormonal pill, however I got a blood clot and had to stop. This just brought back the acne problems that I had been able to control for so long.

When I say that I have tried everything, believe me, I have! Both external and internal. I have denied myself various foods which are claimed to cause acne, gone an diets, taken vitamin supplements and used the harshest skin care products.

The only thing that has worked is the Dayenne system of products. Since I started using it my skin is amazing. The sort of comments that I get from people are just incredible.

I have been a very happy consumer of your products which I have recommended to many of my friends who have skin problems."
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