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Miraculous discovery
What a discovery the Dayenne skin care range has been! As a side effect of medication, my skin was spotty and unhealthy looking. After using the Dayenne cleanser I very quickly noticed a huge improvement and now make sure I have a regular order of both the cleanser and the day cream. Even the occasional break out isn’t a problem with the Dayenne cover stick. Having tried a number of acne treatments in the past, Dayenne products are nothing short of miraculous!
Best products I have used so far
I have suffered from acne since I was 15. I am now 57. I have tried every treatment on the market and I still have to take antibiotics. A few years ago I was given roaccutane a powerful acne drug and the tablets dried up my greasy skin and cleared my spots. I had a few years break from putting up with acne, but the spots came back and my skin got just as greasy. I read about your Dayenne treatment and decided to give them a go and ordered your soap, tonic lotion and day cream. The soap was great as I have acne on my front and back as well as my face and after a few weeks I noticed a reduction in my oily skin and my spots were less red and inflamed.

I use these products regularly and I have found them very helpful. For me I’m not sure it is a cure for acne, but these are the best products I have used so far.
I have used your soap bar and night cream for about 5 months. I had terrible skin with redness and spots, I used everything in the chemist shop but it didn’t do anything. Some things made them worse. I was at my lowest, until I sent for my first order. Haven’t looked back, my skin is so much better, no more redness, it really does work, my spots are so much better. Wonderful! Thank-you.
The feel good factor
Since I’ve become pregnant, my skin has gone from bad to worse. I have never really suffered from acne. I read about Dayenne and contacted the company to make sure the products were safe for me to use. I started using the products in November 2006 and I’m so pleased with the results and have just ordered my second lot! Just like the website said, you may experience more acne after about 4 weeks which I did (worse before it gets better, as the article said). I contacted Dayenne again and they recommended the mask. I have just purchased this and again my skin is going from strength to strength. I’m very pleased with the products and have been telling all my friends about Dayenne. Thank you! !
Dayenne has totally transformed my appearance
I have suffered from very bad acne for 14 years. During this time I have tried all the lotions and creams on the market but none have come close to the Dayenne day cream and face mask. I have been using Dayenne products for 4 months and my skin is completely clear from acne. I cannot recommend Dayenne products enough. They have totally transformed my appearance and gave me the self-confidence I once lacked. I have recommended your products to all my friends and family. I will continue to be a loyal Dayenne customer, and wish you all the success in the world. Thank you!
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