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It really does work!
I have used your soap bar and night cream for about 5 months. I had terrible skin with redness and spots. I used everything in the chemist shop but it didn’t do anything. Some things made them worse. I was at my lowest, until I sent for my first order and haven’t looked back. My skin is so much better: no more redness. It really does work. My spots are so much better. Wonderful! Thank you.
I have found the best product in the world!
I have suffered from acne since age of thirteen. I am now in my early 40’s and continue to find treatments. I have acne scarring too. The acne undermines my confidence and self esteem. In my despair I asked my local pharmacist, Raj in Sainsbury’s for anything and he highly recommended Dayenne and in return I have recommended it to friends and family. Firstly at this stage in life, I have found the best product in the world. I have tried so many from France, USA, India and the UK. Nothing comes close to this find. I congratulate the researchers and an enormous gratitude to you all for giving one woman the confidence to show her face to the world.
The improvement is fantastic
From the age of 16 – I’m now 43 years of age – I’ve suffered from acne. Having this problem was a nightmare for me, making me very self conscious and knocking my confidence. Various oral antibiotics, face gels and creams have been prescribed by doctors and skin specialists which had little or no effect.

A breakthrough came after being prescribed a contraceptive pill for acne which had great results. However, after many years of taking the pill, my doctor advised me to come of it due to my age. I was acne free for a couple of months but to my horror it returned which not only upset me but surprised me as I thought at my age that wouldn’t happen.

Looking through the Bella magazine I saw an article about Dayenne and decided to give it a try, although I wasn’t building my hopes up. I used the face mask, toner and moisturiser as per the instructions and for the first month noticed little change. Because the problem had got no worse, I decided to persevere and so thankful that I did. The improvement is fantastic and even when the odd spot appears there’s no angry inflammation and it disappears quite quickly.

At my age I have to be aware of what I use on my skin so that it does not dry up. Dayenne is perfect, I can apply the moisturiser with confidence knowing that there will be no clogged pores and have lovely soft skin.

Thank you Dayenne for giving me back my confidence and making me feel fantastic again

A very satisfied customer
Better skin
Dayenne skin range is so good I would not even think about using any other skin care range again. My skin is so much better!
Healing process was amazing
After serious trauma to my face, I used the Dayenne skincare, and the healing process was amazing – I will never use any other products – and I have photo’s to prove the fantastic results. Thank you Dayenne.
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