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The Discovery
Dayenne is a unique dermatologist developed skin care range formulated specially for the care of oily, problem, sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Dayenne was developed by a team of skin specialists at a French hospital in conjunction with the University of Munich, Germany. The skin specialists were researching the beneficial effects of beer yeast on “impure skin”, when they realised that young brewer's yeast cells – Saccharamyces cereviseae have a genuine therapeutic effect on oily, problem, sensitive and acne-prone skin. The team of skin specialists discovered that young brewer's yeast cells naturally regulate the level of sebum produced by the skin, balance the skin's pH level and assist in the natural healing process of blemished and acne-prone skin. The Dayenne skin care range was then formulated with young brewer's yeast cells and pure natural botanical extracts known for their benefits for healthy and radiant skin.

But the story does not end there…

Twenty years later, in the UK , a pharmacist was about to get married. He had, since his teens, tried to find a “cure” for his oily and acne-prone skin. He had tried every lotion and potion under the sun, but to no avail – the problem persisted. Now that he was getting married, he was desperate because he wanted to look good on his wedding day. He came across the Dayenne skin care range. Although he was skeptical, he used it and to his amazement and delight his skin not only cleared up but looked radiant. He has never looked back at any other skin care product. He was so delighted with the results, he has now brought the range to the U.K and Ireland with total confidence that Dayenne is the solution to oily, sensitive, problem and acne-prone skin.

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